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Elk Grove Presbyterian Church is truly blessed and delighted to offer a beautiful musical prayer service on Tuesday, November 26, at 7:00PMin anticipation of the arrival of Advent and the coming of Christmas.  

The inspiring Holden Evening Prayer service (written by Marty Haugen) includes “Service of Light,”Joyous Light of Heav’nly Glory,” “Evening Thanksgiving,”The Annunciation,”The Magnificat,”Litany and Prayers,”  and “Final Blessing.”

Taken from the Gospel of Luke 1:46-55, the passionate and endearing music is a perfect entrance into the church season of Advent, a period of spiritual preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ.  

The lovely voice of Virginia Ayers Dawson and the exquisite pianist Jacqui Hairston will be joined by amazing voices of special guests Leslie Sandefur and Sheryl Counter and distinguished flutist Lauren Zucker

This is an ideal opportunity to invite family and friends to experience awesome beauty in the traditional music of the church while using contemporary and inclusive language.  Everyone is welcome!  There will be no Sermon, Holy Communion or Offering.